Frequently Asked Questions

General dentistry – what is it?
Cleanings, fillings, and regular checkups are all part of general dentistry’s focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of common oral health problems.

How frequently should I have a checkup and cleaning at the dentist?
It is typically advised to go to the dentist for a regular check-up and cleaning every six months. However, depending on your demands for dental health, the frequency might change.

Do X-rays need to be taken during a dental exam?
X-rays aid dentists in finding undiscovered tooth issues. Typically, depending on your oral health history and particular issues, they are taken as needed.

What is the most effective approach to uphold proper oral hygiene at home?
A balanced diet, using mouthwash, and cleaning your teeth at least twice a day are all part of good oral hygiene.

Should I stay away from any certain meals to maintain good oral health?
To preserve healthy teeth and gums, sugary foods, acidic foods, and sticky candies should all be consumed in moderation.

What must I do if a dental emergency arises?
Dental problems like a toothache or a fractured tooth need to be attended to right away. For help, get in touch with our office, and we’ll try to help.

How can I avoid getting cavities?
The best way to avoid cavities is to reduce your sugar intake, practice good oral hygiene, and have routine dental checkups.

Would you be able to whiten my teeth?
Teeth whitening procedures are offered by many general dentistry practices to improve the appearance of your smile. During your visit, inquire about our alternatives.

What are the benefits of dental sealants, and can adults get them?
To stop cavities, dental sealants, which are thin coatings, are placed on the chewing surfaces of molars. Even though they are more frequently utilized with kids, they are also helpful for adults.

What forms of payment do you take for dental work?
Insurance, credit cards, and payment plans are just a few of the different payment options we take. In the course of your meeting, we can go over your individual payment choices.

Can a general dentistry office provide braces or Invisalign treatment?
Some general dentists provide orthodontic services, such as Invisalign and braces. During a consultation, if you’re interested, we can assess your orthodontic requirements.

What should I do if I’m afraid of the dentist?
Please let our staff know if you experience dental anxiety. To assist make your visit more comfortable, we provide a variety of methods and treatments, including sedation dentistry.

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