Destin Dental Fillings

Destin Dental Fillings

Destin Dental FillingsWhen it comes to having a cavity filled, it’s important to know that you have the right to decide, after consultation with your dentist, what treatments and materials are used for your dental care. Dr Lazenby carefully considers materials to use on an individualized basis, taking into account the size and location of your cavity. Cosmetic considerations, how long the filling could last, insurance coverage and out of pocket costs are some other factors you might want to consider.

Lazenby Dental will perform a Destin dental filling in order to extract a cavity. After removing the cavity from the tooth by drilling around the decayed area, the Dr Lazenby will “fill” the empty space with a dental filling. Chipped or fractured teeth can also be repaired with dental fillings since the materials used to make them are designed to resemble teeth in terms of appearance and durability. The patient’s smile won’t be impacted because the Dr Lazenby shapes the tooth to look natural and match the color and shape of the surrounding teeth. In a couple of seconds, our Destin dentist will solidify the material using a unique “blue light,” after which the restoration will be shaped and polished.

Destin Dental Filling Types

Amalgam Fillings: Also referred to as silver fillings, these are incredibly strong and wear-resistant. They are not as often utilized since they may give the patient some discomfort in later life.

Gold fillings: are among the most well-known dental filling types. They are long-lasting, with a 20-year lifespan. Since gold might be pricey, patients frequently do not choose it initially.

Composite Materials: Fillings that are composite are the most widely used kind. These fillings, which have a resin foundation and are intended to match teeth precisely, provide the dentist with the greatest range of options. Like natural teeth, composites can wear down over time and get discolored by coffee.

Porcelain fillings: also known as inlays or onlays, are made in a lab and chemically cemented to the tooth. They can be made to match the surrounding teeth’s color and are priced comparable to gold fillings.

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